""Bullshot Crummond"
1996, 2006, 2008

A Comedy in Two Acts by Ron House


Plot is a secondary consideration in this partially successful, partially failed take-off on the Bulldog Drummond series of the 1930s.

"Bullshot" Crummond is a square-jawed hero of World War I who longs to face off against his German arch-nemesis Count Otto von Bruno one more time. He gets his chance when he must save Rosemary Fenton, a damsel in distress -- her father made a top-secret discovery before he died and Count von Bruno wants that secret for himself, no matter what happens to the good Rosemary.

As the hijinks unfold inside the requisite Sinister Mansion (Bullshot fights a giant octopus and leaps onto a plane in mid-air as the action reaches a crescendo), caricature, and zany anarchy provide the humor.

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