A dramatic thriller by William Mastrosimone


Marjorie, the intended victim, gets away from her attacker, knocks him senseless with a log, blindfolds and binds him, and chains him into the fireplace for safekeeping. What follows is an illustration of vigilante justice, in which Marjorie alternates torture with death threats.

Marjorie says that "before they believe a woman in court, she has to be dead on arrival." In her fury at the thought that this man has hurt and humiliated her and will go free on technicalities, she determines to bury him alive in her garden.

When her two roommates return, the play becomes an indictment of the inequities of the criminal justice system. The rapist is an experienced jailhouse lawyer, and he taunts them with the fact that Marjorie can't prove rape, but that he can prove assault. Marjorie, he laughs, is the one who will go to jail, and once this incident is over, he'll come looking for her again.

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