"The Scandalous Adventures of Sir Toby Trollope"

A Hilarious Comedy
by Ron House & Alan Shearman


It's Tom Jones meets Monty Python in this rollicking comedy from the authors of Bullshot Crummond, El Grande de Coca Cola and Footlight Frenzy.

The setting is England, 1784. Sir Toby Trollope is to be hanged by King George III for tax evasion. Toby conspires to save his neck by marrying his imbecilic son Bartholomew to a rich young woman so he can live off her father's wealth. What could possibly go wrong? Plenty!

They meet, and quickly offend, England's richest man, Sir Alex Hardegristle who destroys anything he doesn't understand and his beautiful but hallucinatory daughter, Fanny. The Hardegristle madness stems from 600 years of inbreeding. In fear of their lives, the Trollopes flee England on the HMS Bounty. In the ensuing mutiny, they are thrown overboard and into the middle of the Boston Tea Party.

They now meet and are quickly swindled by John Hancock, a sleazy insurance salesman; Paul Revere, a fast talking pots and pans vendor hawking his latest invention, Reverware; and George Washington with his spring loaded wooden teeth. Events escalate to Lexington Green, where the Trollopes accidentally spark off the American Revolution. But for these buffoons, America might have remained a peace loving British colony.

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