"What About Luv?"
November 4 to 13, 2010 - Waterfront Theatre

Music by Howard Marren
Book by Jeffrey Sweet
Lyrics by Susan Birkenhead
Based on the play LUV by Murray Schisgal


On a bridge over New York's East River, Milt Manville encounters Harry Berlin, an old friend from college days with suicide on his mind. Milt, who portrays himself to the down-and-out Harry as happy and successful, has fallen in love with and wants t marry a young woman named Linda. But there is a slightly messy problem: Milt's wife, Ellen. It suddenly occurs to Milt that Harry may be the solution to the problem. So, when Ellen shows up, Milt introduces them and abruptly departs on a pretext. Alone together, Ellen and Harry quickly discover they are soulmates.

One thing leads to several others and, a very damp fur coat, neuroses, intrigue, passion, jealousy and a used paper bag all add up to one of the most hilarious small musicals ever written!


"Milt" Neil Minor
"Harry" Scott Walters
"Ellen" Meghan Gardiner
Director Mark Carter
Musical Director Sylvia Zaradic
Choreographer Ken Overbey
Set Design John Bessette
Costumes Design Kerri Norris
Lighting Design Darren W. Hales
Sound Design Andrew Tugwell
Hair & Makeup Design Richard Elsom
Stage Manager Sarah Pearson

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